How to Navigate Adding Video for Online Push Marketing

 Adding video content to your online push marketing strategy has a big impact on attention, conversion, and click through rates to your company’s website.


Getting the video uploaded and integrated into your strategy can be challenging.  I have been working my way through this week, and you can see some of the final results of my work on reachmore’s new Dailymotion page.


Here are some questions to consider when adding video content to your online push marketing strategy:

1.       How am I going to edit the video? – You don’t just want to throw an uncut video online.  Adding a title and credits adds credibility and context, as well as a means to actually use the video to convert viewers to the next phase of your permission marketing strategy.  If you have a flip cam, its editing software stinks and takes forever to use.  Windows movie maker is easy to use, but sometimes you have to convert the video to a format windows likes using a program like Freemake.  What other video editing freeware have you been using?


2.       Which distribution channel should I use to host the video? – If you have the capability to host video on your website, please do.  I like to use social hosting sites because it makes sharing content between users very easy.  Sites like YouTube and Dailymotion offer social sharing, video embed codes, and permalinks that are simple vehicle to use to make your video go viral – or, at least reach more people in your target market.  YouTube is popular and there are lots of users who can accidentally find your video.  YouTube is also solidly integrated with organic search, so your video can show up in Google and Bing search results.  You have to have a Gmail account to use YouTube, which for me, is a drawback.  Dailymotion is easy to use, and has some snazzy video sharing capabilities, but the traffic on this site is much lower, and it’s not as integrated with organic search when compared to YouTube.


3.       How should I share the video? – Once you have your video edited and uploaded onto a hosting site, I would do one of two things.  Either embed the video in your websites blog and drive traffic to your website by promoting the content in the video through social media, or drive the promoted traffic to your YouTube/DailyMotion page and provide a clear path to how that viewer can get the next step of engaging with you.


Navigating the world of promoting your business effectively through video content can be confusing and daunting, but following the steps above can get you off to a great start. 


What else have you done to make your video marketing strategy easier?


Jamar Cobb-Dennard is a leadership, business development, and training expert.  For info on his consulting and live trainings, please email him at


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