Gerber is GREAT at Drip Marketing

When you introduce a new baby into the family, you are immediately flooded by a handful of companies wanting to get you to ‘try’ and to continue using their products.

When Cecelia was born, we got hammered with coupons, samples of pedialyte and similac, as well as baby nutrition books from a number of other companies.  Gerber is the only company that has continued marketing to us, and therefore, they are the winner!  Well, they also win because their marketing pieces have ROCKED!

I got a great piece of direct mail the other day (PS – I thought direct mail was dead, but not when it’s part of an integrated online/offline drip campaign), that included coupons, ‘tear-away’ information cards, and connections to Gerber’s website, mobile app, Facebook page, and call center.

Gerber Direct Mail Piece

The most impressive part of receiving this ad was that not only was it timed perfectly to Cecelia’s age, its content answered a lot of the nagging questions I had in my head about how to feed my baby.

If you would like to design a direct mail piece that is as impactful as Gerber’s, use the following conventions:

1.  Set up a drip campaign that follows your customers natural progress through the buying cycle or path-to-closure

2.  Include a direct response “ask” so you can track the effectiveness of the campaign and compute your ROI (ex. coupons)

3.  Make sure that your piece is content rich, and answers the primary questions that your clients have at each stage of the buying cycle.

4.  Use a portion of the ad to move your clients up your permission marketing stream by including reasons for them to opt-in to your social network, blog, or e-newsletter.

5.  Don’t overwhelm them.  Time your marketing pieces so that they become an eagerly anticipated part of your prospects trip to the mailbox.

Please share some ways that you have implemented a similar strategy for your business.

Jamar Cobb-Dennard is a sales and marketing expert who helps companies without a sales force have a sales force.  To receive your free trial of a software that will track your referral revenue, centralize social media updates, and automate email/text/postcard marketing, click here.


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