When to ‘Friend’ Someone You Don’t Know

Intern John and I were having a conversation the other day about the mores around ‘friending’ people you don’t know on social media.

We came up with no solid answers, and would love to hear from our readers as to when you do and don’t friend strangers online.

Which social networks are you more likely to ‘friend’ a stranger on?

What information to you check out before ‘friending’ an unknown person?

What would drive you to ‘friend’ a stranger?

Looking forward to your ideas and feedback!

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2 thoughts on “When to ‘Friend’ Someone You Don’t Know

  1. I’ll follow anyone on Twitter. I follow you if you say interesting things, if you live in my area, or if others I know and trust follow you. I don’t expect you to follow me back, however.

    I only like to make and accept friend requests on Facebook for people that I have actually met in real life—or friends-of-friends who are active on Facebook and contribute to my updates.

    I dislike accepting LinkedIn requests from individuals who I do not know professionally. If I can’t speak to your professional work, why would it make sense for us to be connected on LinkedIn?

    1. I follow a lot of the same strategy for the 3 social networks. I do expect follows back on twitter, though. 🙂

      I’ve been “ignoring” more and more LI requests lately, especially since i’ve been using it to ask for introductions. I had to get the answer “oh, I don’t really know that person” when asking for a referral, so I try not to be the source of it.

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