When to Accept Social Media Friends

What are your habits that surround accepting new followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram?


Do you only accept people that you have met in person?


Will you connect with people simply because they are in your industry, or could be good strategic partners?


What are your thoughts, morays, and expectations on the topic of accepting social connections?



Jamar Cobb-Dennard is a sales and marketing expert who helps companies without a sales force have a sales force.  To learn more, click here.


One thought on “When to Accept Social Media Friends

  1. It depends on the network.

    I will follow anyone on Twitter that looks interesting. I will follow most anyone who lives in Central Indiana without checking much of their history.

    I will accept anyone on Facebook whose name I recognize, or who has more than 20 friends in common with me. I figure at that point, you know what you are in for, and it’s likely we’ll meet in the near future.

    I will only accept LinkedIn requests from people I have actually met in person and have a had a business conversation with for more than an hour—and for whom I’ve developed some respect. If I get a request from a stranger, I ask to meet for coffee or to set up a phone call.

    Most strangers never reply to this request.

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