Set Goals Like a PGA Pro

You may not be able to play golf like Phil Mickelson, but you can certainly set goals like him!

After a third round score of 72, Phil Mickelson sat down in the British Open clubhouse with ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi. He was +2 for the tournament, five strokes behind the leader.

When Rinaldi asked Phil what he had to do to win the tournament, Phil said he thought an even par score (E) would win the Open, and so if he reached that score by the end of the final round, he would be happy.

Of course, Phil went on to shoot a 66 on Sunday, finishing three under par (-3) and winning the tournament by three strokes. Sure, his final round was amazing, but what stuck with me the most was Phil’s words the day before.

Phil set a concrete goal for himself to shoot even par for the tournament. He had predicted that if he could reach his goal, he would win.

This may not be a big deal to most, but as someone who struggles to set concrete goals for myself, it spoke volumes.

I don’t know why I struggle so much when it comes to goal setting.

Do I find it trivial?

Am I afraid to fail?

I honestly can’t answer that question.

All I know is, setting concrete goals are good for defining clear objectives in any facet of life. Whether I’m trying to hit sales numbers, or training for a marathon, setting and writing out concrete goals needs to become standard practice.
Slater Steins is a sports fanatic, IU student, and Associate Account Manager at Outsourced Sales Force.  More about recruiting the right sales person fast, here


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