4 Must Haves for Winning at Customer Experience

When was the last time you sat by a non-marketer friend while they viewed an e-commerce website? Read on for crucial insight from watching others shop. . .

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When was the last time you sat by a non-marketer friend while they viewed an e-commerce website?

Try it as soon as you can. Doing so will give you insight into what truly makes a great experience for consumers.

A friend of mine bought a Casper bed for herself, and having never personally bought a bed, and seeing a random casper bag on her social media posts, I was intrigued about the product.

As she walked me through the website, I took careful note of the things that excited her about Casper’s website, her shopping experience, and points of important value.

Here they are:

  1. A Cool Design Element – The Casper bed moves as you move the page, suggesting just as their value proposition tells you, that sleeping on one of their mattresses is cool an comfortable. My friend squealed with delight as she moved the page up and down. This may not increase conversion, but a buyer will stay on the page longer to investigate your product (or at least play), as well as share the coolest experiences with their friends.
  2. Slick Video – My friend couldn’t wait to show me the video. “Dude, they have the coolest vids. . .” The video wasn’t that great, but she thought it was, and that’s what is important. Videos sell so your CSR’s and copy don’t have to.
  3. Shipping and Returns – After 20 years of e-commerce sales, consumers are still worried about the age old question, “what happens if I don’t like it?” Some digital marketing directors have increased sales up to 90% by offering free shipping and easy returns. Find a way to may it profitable and do it.
  4. Personalized Emails – I’m not talking about emails that are tailored to generic segments. That’s so 2005. Personalize every email to each and every single customers buying and browsing habits. My friend literally squealed with delight when she talked about e-commerce retailers who reminded her of the EXACT products that she browsed or put in her cart. She finished her comments by saying that she “can’t help but buy more when stores do that.”

Having a well designed site, good products and pricing aren’t enough anymore. This is a year of innovation for marketers, and that innovation means being the BEST at e-commerce best practices.



Jamar Cobb-Dennard helps eCommerce retail companies turn big data into relationships and experiences that engage customers in online environments. Get his FREE eCommerce Marketing Trends Report here.

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