Drive Traffic Without Ads

Customer acquisition is expensive. After your ad words and retargeting campaigns are set, what else can you do to generate traffic and keep your customer acquisition cost low. Here are a few ideas. . .


Social – This isn’t your normal social media marketing… It’s supercharged with strategic partnerships. Find another brand who sells a different product to the same customers that you do, and co-promote each other’s sites. It’s a win-win, and can cost little to nothing for engaged and targeted traffic.



picjumbo.com_HNCK1218.jpgEmail – Tighten up your retention marketing emails. Cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and welcome series are e-commerce best practices. The best e-tailers are using long-term A/B-tested omni-channel automations to build relationships with EXISTING customers to get them to come back to their website. String a few emails together, automatically remove those who purchase, and tier your discounts to incentivize response as the automation continues.

picjumbo.com_HNCK8384.jpgMobile – Ninety-one percent of customers browse the web on their mobile device while shopping. How is your retail shopping experience connected with your mobile site or app? Can customers check prices or find items in-store through your app? Will content stored in a customers “abandoned” cart pop-up on your mobile site or app when they enter the store or browse your site nearby?

What else are you doing to drive traffic to your site outside of traditional ad spend?

Jamar Cobb-Dennard helps eCommerce retail companies turn big data into relationships and experiences that engage customers in online environments. Get his FREE eCommerce Marketing Trends Report here.


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