ARP_0292HeadshotJamar Cobb-Dennard is a law student and political leader.

Cobb-Dennard came to Indianapolis with a dream of opening a business and eventually serving the community through politics.

He started his career in sales and marketing. Cobb-Dennard routinely helped companies grow 40% in the first year of his engagements, and was himself a top 10 award-winning salesperson.

Later, he fell in love with politics as a volunteer on the Kennedy for Indianapolis, Talley for Lawrence Township Trustee, and Gregg for Governor campaigns. Cobb-Dennard serves on the board for the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works, is the local president and state vice president of the Indiana Democrat African American Caucus. He is also a precinct committee-person and regular contributor on Indianapolis This Week as a political insider on RTV6.

In addition to his studies at the IU McKinney School of Law, Cobb-Dennard has committed his days to raising money to help people of color find their way into public office.

Jamar is a fan of personal challenges and community leadership. He has walked on Fire with Tony Robbins, was part of breaking a Guinness World Record, and crossed the North American continent by bicycle. He led the Little Red Door Cancer Agency to host America’s largest Zumba class, and was instrumental in shutting down dangerous, ‘Club Industry’, in downtown Indianapolis.

Cobb-Dennard is a Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series graduate, was recognized as a 2013 Emerging Leader by 100 Black Men, an Indianapolis Business Journal Forty-Under-40 award recipient, and a 2017 Trailblazer by the Alpha Foundation for the Youth.

Specialties: Civil Rights, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Lobbying, Public Policy, Sales, Networking, Marketing, Public Speaking