Set Goals Like a PGA Pro

You may not be able to play golf like Phil Mickelson, but you can certainly set goals like him! After a third round score of 72, Phil Mickelson sat down in the British Open clubhouse with ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi. He was +2 for the tournament, five strokes behind the leader. When Rinaldi asked Phil [...]


How to Experience Rapid Growth in 12 Months

I ran into an old employee of mine the other week, and she shocked me with the news of her recent success story. When she worked for me, she had just graduated from college.  At the time, she was talented and spirited, but she was also unreliable, unfocused, and flighty.  Needless to say, our business [...]

How to Make Friends and Influence People in Social Media

I received this infographic this week from a fellow blogger named Colby from Peak Sales Recruiting, and thought it was so creative that I wanted to share it with all of my subscribers and followers as well. This infographic about how to create lasting relationships through social media, and covert them to revenue, was especially compelling [...]