Drive Traffic Without Ads

Customer acquisition is expensive. After your ad words and retargeting campaigns are set, what else can you do to generate traffic and keep your customer acquisition cost low. Here are a few ideas. . .


2016 eCommerce Marketing Trends

eCommerce is still a wild west of innovation and trendsetting. Here's how to wrangle it. . .

New & Innovative Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Let's face it. Conversion rates stink. Here is a simple refresher with some innovative ideas that can supercharge your acquisition spend this year.

When to Accept Social Media Friends

What are your habits that surround accepting new followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram?   Do you only accept people that you have met in person?   Will you connect with people simply because they are in your industry, or could be good strategic partners?   What are your thoughts, morays, and [...]

Wonder Why No One Responds to Your Facebook Page?

Here is one quick tip that many Facebook page administrators forget - make your pictures taggable and allow others to add pictures to your library. Here's how to do it: - Go to your Facebook Page - Click Edit Page - Click Manage Permissions . - Select all of the posting ability, post ability, and [...]

How Your Social Strategy May Be Trumped by Golf… Maybe!

What is the BMW Golf Championship doing that you may not be?  Integrating their online/offline social media marketing strategy. All around town, I see the BMW Championship putt flags.  This cute piece of marketing is directly related to their brand, connects tourists with the experience of  engaging in Indianapolis, inspires people to participate by offering [...]

How Managing Your Brand Increases Sales

Most business marquees look horrible. With their misspellings, wind-blown numbers, and broken lights, marquees are frequently the target of funny Facebook and magazine postings. McDonald's got a clue, and solved this problem forever. Instead of letting a 16-year-old control their brand integrity, McDonald's has decided to make marquee advertising very simple - they have the [...]

How to Engage Clients Through Location-Based Marketing Services

Facebook places, Foursquare, and Yelp are all the rage with mobile-social users, but how do you leverage your customers presence on these sites for your business? Outsourced Sales Force interviewed Brittany Smith, community manager for Yelp in Indianapolis, to get a few inside tips. . Here is what we found: . - What is location [...]